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Did you ever open the BBQ lid only to discover that it was not cleaned the last time it was used? Annoying Right?!  A painful sight especially when you are ready for action. 


SOLUTION: Shiny Innovations takes the hassle out of barbecuing.

You will never have to clean your grate again. Just slap on a disposable BBQ grill liner and you're ready to BBQ!  After use, discard the liner... Voila!

When you are cooking out, disposable grill liners can be a great way to keep your BBQ clean. They are also disposable so they are easy to use and dispose of when you are done. We have disposable aluminum grill liners that will fit most grills.

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The BBQ is a place for friends and family to gather, but it can be difficult when it's not clean. One of the most frustrating things is having to scrub off all of that charred food from your grill after every time you use it.


This problem has been solved by Shiny Innovations with our disposable grill liners which are made from high quality material. You don't have to worry about cleaning the grates anymore because now all you have to do pop on another one to barbeque.

These disposable grill liners are also great for people who want to grill out but don't have the space or time to clean up after. It's probably the worst feeling in the world when you open your BBQ and find that it has not been cleaned. Frustrating right?!


Shiny Innovations takes care of this problem by providing disposable grill liners which are easy to clean, long lasting, and super convenient!

Our disposable grill liners make it really simple for people who want to throw a barbecue but don't want the hassle of having to clean up after.


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